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  • Burnt-Carbon Coal

    Original price was: AED 330.Current price is: AED 230.

    We are proud to offer exceptional restaurant quality hard-wood coal. Absolutely no chemicals, and all large pieces… You will certainly be able to tell the difference from other coals in the market.

  • Burnt-Carbon Pizza Stone

    AED 225AED 375
    36.5cm (14.3 inch)
    38cm (15 inch)
    42cm (16 inch)

    Turn your kamado into a pizza oven and make the most wonderful stone-baked pizzas in your kamado.
    This one fits the 27″ and 25″ Burnt-Carbon kamados.

  • Cast Iron Grate

    AED 600AED 800

    A must for any aficionado of steaks – the cast iron grate makes the wonderful grill marks on the steak and just adds that ‘je ne sais quoi’ that can only come from cooking on cast iron.

    Choose from the sizes below to fit your Burnt-Carbon kamado.

  • Charcoal Brazier

    AED 235

    Create very defined hot zones and cool zones with the Burnt-Carbon Brazier and have the heat where you really want it.


  • Charcoal Chimney Starter Cannister

    AED 337

    Get your BBQ started easily with our collapsible charcoal chimney.


  • Cold Smoke Generator

    AED 350

    Turn your Burnt-Carbon Kamado into a cold smoker to smoke cheese, fish, beverages, fruit… you can cure meats… the opportunities are endless – and exciting.

  • Hot Smoker Box

    AED 200

    The Burnt-Carbon hot smoker box can be filled with your favourite wood chips and placed in the hot coals to give your food a wonderful extra smoky flavour.

  • Kamado Divide & Conquer System

    AED 800AED 1,500

    The Burnt-Carbon Divide & Conquer system allows you create cooking zones within your kamado BBQ.  Consisting of a 3 tiered platform, 2 half moon grates and 2 half moon ceramic heat deflector plates, it gives you ultimate control over temperature within your kamado to ensure your food is cooked to perfection every time.

    Choose the correct size for your Burnt-Carbon kamado below…

  • Kamado Rotisserie Grill Basket Roaster

    Original price was: AED 300.Current price is: AED 250.

    The Rotisserie Grill Basket Roaster is the perfect accompaniment to your Burnt-Carbon rotisserie. Made of stainless steel and easy to clean, it works brilliantly with vegetables, but experiment away and let us know what works well for you.

  • Kamado Rotisserie Rib-o-lator

    AED 320

    the ‘Rib-o-lator’ is a great addition to your Burnt-Carbon rotisserie. Lets you cook anything in the 3 platens slowly rotating over the hot coals.

  • Kamado Rotisserie Skewer Set

    Original price was: AED 250.Current price is: AED 225.

    Kebabs, kabobs or kababs – whatever you call them, our Skewer Set and our Rotisserie will make them simply divine. These can also be used on the grill without the rotisserie adapter.

  • Kamado Rotisserie System

    AED 900AED 1,350

    Our powerful rotisseries are made to fit the Burnt-Carbon kamados perfectly. They are supplied with a 3-pin UK standard plug socket for the UAE.

    Choose from the sizes below to perfectly fit your Burnt-Carbon Kamado.

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